No Audio/Video Playback on HTPC...sometimes?


Having an issue with my HTPC: I'm encountering seemingly random streaks of no video playback. This includes ANY web content on Chrome and Firefox, WMP, WMC, and even through Logitech webcam software. For instance, I open a movie in WMC7, from my hard drive that I have played in the past, and it will show a frozen picture of the first scene and will let me click to a different segment of the movie and show a frozen pic of THAT scene, but no playback and no audio (occasionally it will play for 1-2 seconds before it freezes, with no audio). In Chrome (on FB, Youtube, XfinityOD, HBOGo, AMZonDem, and even the video freezes the browser and a dialog box shows: "The following plug-in is unresponsive: Shockwave Flash. Would you like to stop it?" This message doesn't explain why ALL video playback on the computer is affected, but it's another symptom. Also, when it's acting up, there are no sounds either. So, here's what I have tried:

1. Completely uninstalled the video card (to the point that the computer does not recognize the device)
2. Completely uninstalled all Adobe (Flash, Shockwave, AIR, Chrome plugins)
3. Reinstalled with older video card drivers and older versions of Adobe
4. Scanned for viruses/malware (Security Essentials, IOBit Malware Fighter, Spybot)
5. Installed a Chrome plugin (Rndr) to FORCE web content playback
6. Restarting, Shutting down, Unplugging computer from outlet, un/replugging video card, etc
7. Shut down all unnecessary programs running in background to avoid any "crossed wires" that could be causing the issue
8. Stats of graphics card during issue never showed anything abnormal: Activity: <45%, GPU Clock: <500MHz, Memory Clock: <900MHz, Temp: <40*C, Fan Speed: Auto ~34-40%; all computer system stats seem normal; no event logs display anything about an error or failure before the issue crops up

The only thing I can come up with is that my video card is going out. I plugged in my old video card (no driver updates) and although it isn't powerful enough for WMC7, YouTube fires up just fine. Then, for troubleshooting sake, I turn right around and plug in the old one and it works for about 5 minutes, then symptoms return.

So, now for the dumb question: is there something I'm missing? Can a video card even effect things like this, or is it really this simple? I just want to make sure there's not something dumb I'm missing before I drop $$ on a new video card.

Thanks for any/all inputs you all may have!

SYSTEM (all components only 1-1.5 years old):
I7-2600K (not overclocked)
ATI Radeon HD 5750 with 1 HDMI to TV supplying A/V
Ceton InfiniTV PCI card
Windows 7 Home Prem
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  1. Hopefully, figured it out...

    After AMD CCC update 12.2-4, something just didn't work right. Tried a few more things:

    1. Used ATIman to COMPLETELY uninstall all ATI software. Sound and basic video worked upon restart.
    1A. Installed AMD CCC 12.1 package; video worked for a few minutes (like before) then quit
    2. Decided to start cutting parts of the CCC package out...
    2A. Uninstalled all Realtek drivers (no change)
    2B. Uninstalled AMD HDMI Audio Driver (no change, but no sound drivers installed)
    2C. Reinstalled AMD HDMI Audio Driver (

    Finally, it worked!!! Been working for about 2.5 hours now with CCC 12.1 and above AMD HDMI drivers (no more Realtek drivers, which I believe are from my motherboard manufacturer, Gigabyte). I'll update this if it goes down again, but looks like it's solved......
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