PC Freeze / Pink Display / Only Mouse Works

I have my PC brought new, each components a few months ago,

msi 560gtx-ti (cheaper version)
2x4gb ddr3 1333 kingston
asus p8h61-mlx
corsair tx650w v2 PS

I experienced strange freezes 5 times so far, ONLY when i watch a movie BUT ONLY sometimes, i open the exact same movie 100 times and the 101's time happens the thing. BUT ONLY when I make the video full screen, never happened on a half desktop, only in full screen videos. I will see the screen sort of flicker with a pink tint to it. Strangely enough, my mouse still works and shows up fine on top of the pink screen?

Today, this last time happened when i selected 1080p on a youtube video and maximized it.

Here is a link with exactly same thing that happened to me ( as I don't have a picture to upload ).

Any suggestion will be kindly accepted.

VGA to Benq 27" - cable DVI to DVI
Latest Drivers 296.10 Geforce

I will try to change the DVI1 in VGA to DVI2, to see if the problem persist, if so, i will go to mHDMI to HDMI.

I suspect thou the VGA, but lightly.. since doesn't happen very much and only in video, could be a codec related? i use Klite mega codecs + mpc since they hit the internet.
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  1. did you test your monitor on another system
  2. I'm thinking 296.10 may be a little buggy. Have you tried the 280.26 version?
    Do you have Klite Mega Codec version 8.7? Do you know if you are suppose to download 32-bit vs. 64-bit?


  3. If i had a faulty monitor the PC wouldn't freeze..

    No i didn't tried older versions since the 296.10 was a certificated one i assumed it is more or less bug free.. i will try the 280 soon later, Yes I use windows on 64 bits for quite some time now, I use properly software.

    Thanks for the fast answers!
  4. did you check the graphic card on another system
  5. downgraded to 295.73 ( for what i read most of the pink screen disappeared with those drivers, hope mine will too.

    thanks all
  6. 296.10 seems to be broken, and all above 295.83. Nvidia are aware of the situation and working for a fix.
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