GPU needs 2 pci-e 6pin

Hi! I've decided to do a little upgrade to my gpu. My old one is radeon hd3870 and i was going to buy a radeon hd 4870. Problem is that my psu gives two 4pin agp and i've used an adapter to get one pci-e 6pin from them and it's been enough for the 3870. Now that 4870 seems to need two of those, so any way to make it work? sry english not my native

PSU: A-550DX Altis

I'd get this Gainward HD 4870 512mb GS for example for 60€ but you can see the power need from the picture:,r:18,s:25,i:168
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  1. I'd suggest something modern, and your going to need a new psu for anything decent.
  2. okay well god to know, there are different 4870's also so it's not a problem. so there's no way around that psu?
  3. eh it's finnish so i don't know if it helps, but it's this
  4. Quote:

    first link is to graphics cards :) there's no specific for amd
  5. the previous one but here it is. damn i have to go now and i'll be back later
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