Will my power supply be enough?

Hey all i want to know if my antec 620 watt power supply will be enough to run this setup
Amd fx 4300
Asrock 990fx extreme 3
2x4 gb patriot 1600 mhz ram
antec kuler 620 liquid cooling
1 tb 7200rpm hd
1 60gb ssd
x2 ati radeon 6850

that setup runs fine with all of that except the second 6850 if i buy a second 6850 will the power supply be enough? or should i upgrade? Thanks :bounce:
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  1. Should be ok.
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    You are 100% fine. Your rig will only pull around ~350w at 100% load with two HD6850's :)
  3. okay thanks alot for the quick replys would i have some headroom for overclocking to? or no
  4. Yes, you definitely will.
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  6. Tyvm
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