Windows cannot intialize the device driver (Code 37)

The issue is with Intel 828456 in a dell dimension 2300. Device manager states Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware (Code 37). Recently removed Radeon 7500 that I have since proven was faulty. Looking to return to the onboard graphics but receive the above error. I have uninstalled the device several times trying the most up to date driver as well as older versions.

Thanks in advance, John
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  1. Thanks for the response but tried everything from that article already. I am a technician myself and have had several other techs try to repair but with no luck. I have tried other graphics cards as well but all have some type of driver related issue. I am focusing on what is onboard as that is what the customer already owns.
  2. the onboard graphic for this model is agp and the pci slot are simple not pci-e dell specs
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