Slight lag in all games

Hi. I'm having a problem where I get very high fps but I can still tell that there is a slight lag in all the games I play. I turned vsyc on to no avail. Got my 7970 replaced to no avail. So it's definitely not the gpu. What I'm experiencing is a slight stutter of pretty much everything. If I turn the graphics down to low the same problem persists. What do you guys think it is?

My rig:
i7 2600
Sapphire radeon hd 7970
h67 motherboard (sucks)
8gb ram
1 tb hardrive
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  1. The 7970 had a ton of problems on the Catalyst 12.2 driver release, full support wasn't there. Please make sure that you're running Catalyst 12.4 and have the latest firmware on your H67 motherboard as well as on the GPU itself. Also, I've had to play with the underscan/overscan on several displays (not restricted to the 7 series). Also install the latest Intel chipset drivers and AHCI drivers as these are necessary to properly configure peripheral devices.
  2. Most likely HDD. Can you hear it alot while playing? Also, what model is it?
  3. Yeah I can hear it a lot while playing. It's a gateway fx 6851 that I upgraded the psu to 850 watts corsair and gpu to 7970.
  4. It very possibly could be the gateway HDD. If they can cut corners to save a buck on something that isn't marketing-worthy, they will; I had a laptop years ago (from HP) where the system specs were good but the HDD was so cheap it wound up being nearly unusable. (my UT2k4 load times were 3 times that of my friend with a two year older laptop with significantly lower specs).

    I would try running a benchmark program (sorry, I can't help with which one) or get the windows experience scores for the hdd.
  5. 5.9 on windows experience for the hdd
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