Rebuilding a Thinkstation or Precision Workstation?

Hey Y'all,

I was wondering if someone (or if it is worth every buying) ever bought a spare thinkstation/precision case (somehow) or buying one for cheap and just using the case and rebuilt the machine with parts bought elsewhere?
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  1. i dont really understand what you are trying to ask. are you getting a new computer case or a new system
  2. My apologies if this wasn't clear. Basically I was wondering if someone ever just got a thinkstation workstation case and built it up as a new machine with home bought parts just as you would in any PC build project. In simple words has anyone used a thinkstation case for a PC build project and if so were motherboard sizes flexible or were there complications in fitting parts?
  3. So you just want the case so you can build a rig into it? There are other cases that have better airflow, aesthetics, and options.
  4. The thinkstations fits a standard atx motherboard, so you can build a new rig into a thinkstation case with no problems.
  5. @italiasian,

    I agree there probably are better cases but I do like the thinkstation case. Any ideas/recommendations on similar cases (aesthetic-wise in industrial simplicity)? I am currently also looking at the new Lian-Li V-750 and Fractal Core 1000 or 3000.
  6. if you plan on blowing more money into a system, highly consider the corsair 500r or the 300r.

    the core 3000 is a great case nevertheless
  7. I appreciate the feedback...Thanks! Please keep sending similar cases my way. The Corsair does seem good. Just out of curiosity with all these cases aiming for easy/tool-less handling also being very porous how do you go about security if you were to use this system in an environment that needs some watching. Would basic cable locks suffice? Any tips/recommendations from people who have experience in this field? THANKS
  8. if you want a professional looking case, id get a antec p280.

    most cases out there have tool-less 5.25 and 3.5/2.5 drive bay mounts and good cable routing.
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