ATI HD 6870 - hissing sound in 3D

Wierd problem.

When starting games i get a real bad hissing sound from the analog 3.5 mm jack on the onboard soundcard. Its a Asus p8z68-v pro/gen3 motherboard. Playing sounds when not in 3d games is fine.

When changing grafic settings the hissing sound alters slightly.

Using onboard graphics (removing the HD 6870) the sound is fine in 3d games. So that proves its the ATI cards fault.

Any ideas? I have the latest drivers etc..
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  1. If you're not connected to a TV with HDMI sound coming from sound card, go to device manager, hardware, disable the AMD HD sound in the sound section. See if that eliminates it.
  2. Thanks, but already tried that.
  3. I see your mobo have multiple x16 pciex slot... have u tried to change the slot see if it helps

    (incase of bad mobo EFI insulation)

    Because u just have one card, it will not be much problem of bandwith sharing.......
  4. Does your onboard sound mixer have an NR option ?
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