AMD HD 7850 issues

Just got a new video card, and I'm having problems with it.

It's a gigabyte HD7850.
I replaced my old gts 250 which was actually working fine.

My specs
Phenom II x6 1090t
gigabyte MA770-US3
DD2 gskill ram
some 600 watt ocz psu

So I un-installed my nvidia drivers, then ran driver sweaper, added the new card then installed the AMD control center.

The problem I'm getting is very hard to explain. There's like this fuzzy thing going on when gaming. It gets a hell of a lot worse when vsync is off. With vsync on it's almost gone. and I can see it best when looking at things with a black/dark background.

This is only happening during gaming. And it is doing it for league of legends and starcraft 2. It's worse for sc2 probably because of the darker colours.

I was wondering if this could be a driver issue? Or a problem with the hardware.
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  1. The performance in sc2 didn't seem that great. I'll try post screenshots now
  2. Well it was performing almost worse then with my gts250.

    The strange fuzzy lines don't show up in a screenshot. It's kinda like there's some interferance
  3. I'll try reinstall the os on a spare HDD to see if that makes a difference. Reinstalling my OS is a pain.
  4. Thanks for the help dude,

    I won't be able to re install till tomorrow, I've just tried setting vsync on using the CCenter and that's made a huge difference. I can barely see any fuzzy lines now. Hmmmm
  5. Try setting texture filtering to max in the CCC, disable overdrive(if enabled), and make sure that color correction is set to the default. Just shooting you ideas. Tom's did an article not that far back about some of the issues with the new drivers.
  6. I've switched to using a HDMI cable, and it's solved the problem completely. I'm going to just leave it like that for now as I'm lazy :)

    Thanks for all the help BigMack and thanks for the suggestions thor.
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  8. Yes good point bigmack!
  9. I also jus got a gigabyte 7850 2gb OC . I am not experiencing any fuzzy display as such.. .. it does not have a vga out port instead it has a dvi port which ive attached a dvi-vga adapter and connected my crt monitor. Ive noticed very bad vsync issues .. lots of screen tearing even when vsync is on ..
    perhaps this is a analog/vga related issue.. and could be related to what youre eperiencing ... ie since using hdmi (digital output) solved your problem... i am yet to try it on a dvi monitor or hdmi monitor..

    Here is some other feed back ...

    before buying the card , i searched online about it , and found alot of complaints regarding screen flickering and fan noise ..

    i had another option to buy the HIS 7850.. but i found the gigabyte to have much lower temps than all the other 7850's in the market... so i went ahead and bought it..

    After installing it i have not had any such issues or problems with it (other than vsync on crt monitor) and have been pleased ever since ( have not shut off pc for two weeks and gpu has idle temps of 35 degrees and around 40 degrees full load )

    It seems that the card i bought was a newer revision and they had pre flashed the bios to a newer version which apparently fixes all the flickering issues it had.. ( something to do with power saving on the gpu where it would lower the clocks in desktop so much that it would cause problems ( i think by lowering the memory clocks too much ).. any one with such problems should read up on flashing the Bios to the newer version.
  10. Wow thanks for this. Even with HDMI I am actually getting some flickering still (and to think about it some crashing, so I'm pretty sure I have a DUD card. But since I don't really mind I will wait as long as I can then RMA it). I have never flashed a video card and (am a bit scared to do so) you got any tips?

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