Need a new cooler.

Hello, I want to upgrade my stock cooler from AMD Phenom II X4, because it's too noisy.
I came down to this 2 coolers.
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO & Cooler Master Hyper 412S.
Here in Romania are almost same priced.
Wich one do you guys think that will perform better? Wich one will be more quiet?
Thank You in advance for help :D
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  1. 212 EVO
  2. I would go with the Hyper 412s, its heatsink is much bigger and so will help combat heat better than the hyper 212. The 412 slim should be more quiet as cooler master states on their website that the max dba for it is 30 while the 212 evo has 36 dba.

    Here is a link:
    ^ use this link to compare your heatsinks, make sure you select 412 slim not pwm.

    Either way they are almost the same size and have almost the same design so I would not expect more than a few degrees for a difference.
  3. Ok 1-1 for the moment. Other oppinions?
  4. Well I would say none of the opinions above are wrong since they are very close together in performance. However it would be more helpful if you could post the price difference in your currency, with that we can justify if a few degrees is worth the price.
  5. Well the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO is 150 RON=42.5$ and the Hyper 412S is 171 RON=48.4
  6. Well then the Hyper 212 if on a tight budget, but if you don't mind the slight price difference the hyper 412s will outperform it by a few degrees. It's all minimal so either of them are quite good.
  7. Ok thanks for your help :D
    I will go with Hyper 412S.
  8. Glad we were able to help :)
    Just make sure your computer case will fit the cooler. Should be around 165mm and above for case width excluding cable management.
  9. Well a friend of mine has this cooler, and also has the same case like me.
    He forced the side door a little but it's perfectly closed.
  10. From an intrinsic cooling point of view, the two are the same.

    Where they differ is in how the fan is controlled.

    The EVO will have a PWM 4 pin connector.
    That lets the motherboard control the fan speed and cooling.
    It will spin up to higher rpm, resulting in better cooling and an associated increase in noise.

    The 412S has a 3 pin fan connector that will always spin at 1300 rpm.
    With a low noise adapter, it will spin at 900 rpm.
    Either speed will be very quiet. Pick either cooling vs noise equation you prefer.

    I happen to prefer a constant drone of fan speed vs. a variable speed which seems more noticeable.
    If the cpu gets a bit hot, so be it. A cpu is designed to tolerate some amount of heat.

    Regardless, the 120mm fan should be a nice change from the stock cooler.
  11. Okay, just make sure not to force the side door with great force, you do not want to bend the heatsink fins at all. That would decrease the performance, anyways maybe the hyper 212 evo would fit if the problem is 1mm of too much height. :lol: I doubt though 1mm would make much of a difference but who knows?
  12. I recently did a build for one of my cousins and i had some extra fans laying around Scythe Gentle Typhoon 120mm x 25mm Fan - 1850 RPM (D1225C12B5AP-15 i put two on the EVO holy crap!Hes overclocking @ 4.7GHz 1.34v temps are 69C under full load not to shabby lol
  13. I will give you an example. NOTE: This is not my case, I found the pic on google.
    At my friend's pc:
    The Aluminium fins nearly touches this part of the case:

    Then if you look from this side:

    You can perfectly see the heat pipes.
  14. Well it would not be too much of a problem, just don't ram your side panel with force when closing but do it gently. Anyways what's that computer case called? Looks real nice but I just don't like the top mount power supply :P reminds me of those old computer cases.
  15. My case is Segotep SG-960D Down mound PSU :D
  16. Should be enough for the cooler, its 190mm in width. The hyper 212 is around 159mm and the 412s is 160mm.
  17. Actually I measured it, it's only 185mm, not 190mm. :(
  18. How much is used for cable management? I think I read the entire case width with the side panels then from the case webpage. Nonetheless, you should be able to fit it in, I have a 176mm cooler master case w/ no cable management and the hyper 212 fits.
  19. Well the 412S was out of stock so I bought the 212 EVO instead.
    The temperatures dropped unbelieveble!
    Idle: 27C at a 25C room temperature
    Under load: 39C at a 25C room temperature
    socialfox you were right! :D The cooler doesn't touch my side door and neither my RAM.
    Thank you for your replyes.
  20. Glad we were all able to help, if you do need any other help and don't have time for a thread, you are more than welcome to send a PM to me.

    - Socialfox :)
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