GeForce GTX 550 Ti vs. GeForce GTX 560 Ti

Looking to buy this video card, but i saw this one for $100 cheaper and was wondering if the 560 Ti was worth the extra money, because they look pretty close in performance comparison.
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  1. Well with the Radeon 7850 available from $220 on up, there is no way that the 560ti is worth $225. The 560ti needs to be about $190-200 to be a good deal right now.

    That said, the 550ti is also not a good deal for the money, as the HD 7770 is available for a similar price.

    Relevant info:
    HD 7850 for $220
    HD 7770 for $120

    Relative Performance:

    At 1920x1200, 7850 is about 9% faster than a 560ti, and the 7770 is about 21% faster than the 550ti. The 7850 is about 52% faster than the 7770 and 85% faster than the 550ti. So, the 7850 is definitely worth the extra $100 if you have the money in your budget and want to play new games at medium-high resolutions.
  2. thanks man
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