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I want to know if there are any good power supplies for an office only pc. I am looking for a good amount of sata connectors because more components may be added in the future. I only need one 6 pin connector for a possible multi-monitor graphics card, or I can stick with intel hd 4000. I will be preparing to build a cheap office pc to replace the bs that dell sells my dad. He can be a sucker for "good" deals, so if anyone has experience in convincing people to choose quality over price, any advice would be appreciated. I may not build this until my dad's dells break down, and they have already started the bue screen under load. if I could see the crash report, it may be the cpu overheating, for which I can just replace stock with a hyper 212.
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    Well your power supply depends on the build itself. You need to list at least the CPU and the Video card for a good chunk of that power supply. Anyways since this is an office computer and you will be using one video card only and that I hope your not looking for something like the HD 7970 or HD 7950 or the GTX 690 then a good 400-500 watt power supply should be enough.

    Here are some recommendations:

    They may seem a bit high to you if you frequently see cooler master power supplies/thermaltake power supplies or any of those cheap ones. The truth is these ones are high quality power supplies that actually deliver their labeled wattage and have certain features like over voltage protections which some of those cheap ones don't have.

    Essentially, all I am asking you to do is never cheap out on the power supply. You could argue the power supply is the most vital part of a computer (without it your not going to use anything) or one of the most vital components.

    In addition, the hyper 212 may or may not fit in the computer case, generally you want a case around 165mm in width after cable management.
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