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I am looking to upgrade my dell studio xps 8100. i5-750 processor, ati hd 5770 graphics card, 16gb ram. wondering if the nvidia 560ti is a good upgrade along with the corsair 650tx power supply. Also looking to find an i7-870 to replace the i5. like some more info on the video card as far as best manufacture to get. read everything on forums from msi to evga. I really have no idea. if there is a better card in the $300-$400 range I'll consider it. I mainly play wow and d3. i used to be able to run a 25 man raid on ultra settings but now frames have dropped down to 50-less on good settings.
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  1. EVGA and MSI are both top shelf. I would say get either a GTX 580 or a HD 7870 or 7950.
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    Well, GTX 560ti is really good but the HD 7850 is a good value for the money and almost performs as fast as GTX 570.

    Any card of those will max out D3, WOW prefers a faster CPU than a faster GPU.
    What's your gaming resolution?
    Considering that you'll change GPU,PSU, CPU why not take the move and upgrade the whole system to SB or IB platforms? the main problem is that your OEM doesn't allow overclocking, so you won't get the most out of the CPU.
  3. I play on 1600x900 wide. That is what my monitor is recommended at. High settings are good for normal game play, but raids is where performance fails. I'm still not sure if i should go amd or nvidia. I am a noob when it comes to computer hardware and upgrades. I'd like to know what would be best with my motherboard, system, ect. Thinking of also getting a i7-870 processor also. really dont have the money for a new rebuild right now. In the future i would like to use my same case and replace the board later.
  4. Well, best way to go is to upgrade to GTX 560ti or HD 7850 and upgrade your CPU too.
  5. Okay. thanks very much
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