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I purchased a Zyxel Wireless 3G Router so that I could plug the Huawei E220 Stick and share connection with others at home.

I followed all the instructions and can connect via wifi to the router and see the settings.

However the Stick does not connect, it just flashed green. I tried using from my laptop and it works.

Here are the settings tried.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Connection Type - Mobile 3g
Pin Code - blank
APN Code - internet
Dial Number - *99#
UserName - blank
Password - blank
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Did the mobile 3G connection work before you set up the router? You need to be sure you're connected to the Internet before setting the system to share its Internet connecion with other computers in the network. Which Operating System (version of WIndows) are you using?

  2. The mobile was working fine, i'm using window XP, thanks.

  3. When you right click the connection in Control panel>Network Connections and go to Properties then Advanced, is there a tick in "Allow other computers to share this connection". I believe even if there are no other computers, the router counts as one but its own firewall settings may need to be changed to allow the incoming connection - it's used to those coming through a cable from a MODEM.

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