Radeon 7970 low 3D mark score !!

My rig ...

mainboard Asus p6t se
i7 950 3.06 GHZ
6 GB ram 1333 mhz
Gpu Radeon 7970
psu corsair 850

i got areoun 27k 3D mark score when i must have like 32-33k on stock clocks with 7970 ;/ it's like score of gtx 570... wtf ? waht can be problem ??
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  1. Nothing is wrong with that score. If you ran it a while ago with the 570 and had a similar score, you have to know that 3Dmark Vantage (I'm assuming you mean vantage by the score you expected) has changed their default settings to not use GPU accelerated PhysX. Since the change, you can expect about a 4-5K lower score.

    With AMD, you never had the option to have GPU accelerated PhysX, so again, you'd see the score you have. You could improve the score quite a bit with an OC'ed CPU/GPU.
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