GTX 580 just beeping on black screen

I recently bought a GTX 580 video card and when I install it, it just beeps on startup and I have a black screen.

Computer Spec:
HX1000w Power Supply with 40amps per 12 volt rail
OS: Windows 7 64bit
Motherboard: Supermicro X8DA3 with bios version 1
Processors: 2 quad core 2.4 Ghz Xeon processors
24gb of ram

I am currently running a Quadro CX video card in the same PCI-E slot I want to use the GTX 580 in so I know the slot works.

I thought maybe my bios needs to be updated but I cannot get the file from Supermicro to work in the 64bit enviroment of Windows 7 and it is too big for a floppy drive. Any ideas?
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  1. If the file is too big for a floppy then you can try a usb stick. Since the board is an older board then you would need a bios update for the motherboard to recognize and use the 580.
  2. cant see how a bios update will fix that dont touch it

    clean and reseat the video card make sure you have both power connectors on the video card connected
  3. Hey guys! Thanks! I flashed the Bios with Version 2 update after contacting Supermicro for instructions on how to do this with a usb drive. After I did that the GTX 580 worked. Note to any others who try it. Make sure you go into your bios and take note of all your settings as the bios flash requires you to go back to default settings and my raid drive didn't show up right away without some fiddling. All better now. Best, Matt
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