GTX 460 sudden artifacting and black screen flash

Last night I played counter strike for about 4 hours straight with no issues whatsoever, I maintained a steady 300 fps for the entire time pretty much (I have it capped, however im worried I should cap it lower at like 100). This morning I used my computer no problem as well for normal internet use. I left for about 3 hours and came back to my computer screen going black for a few seconds then it saying "Nvidia driver has stopped working and recovered".

Now there is a lot of artifacting and screen flashes during normal use and if I boot up SC2 it will have crazy artifacts and freeze to the point I have to turn off the computer because I can't ctrl, alt, del.

I have installed the latest nVidia drivers and they havent seemed to help at all.

My temps seem fine... sitting around 40C for my gpu and 35C for my cpu.
Anybody know if I can do anything? or is my GPU fried?

Using windows 7 64 bit
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  1. Who is the manufacturer of the graphics card, please. According to, it looks like the latest driver for the GTX460 is version 296.10. I would try going to the graphics card manufacturers website to maybe try a different driver. Here are some older drivers you could probably try out from
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