I deleted spider solitaire!!!

Everyone knows that spider solitaire is the most addictive game - If your computer is turned on you just find yourself drawn to it...
So I totally deleted it from my computer - not just uninstalled! It is totally gone - That's the only way to do it - But now I must have it back - Where can I get it? I have win7 (dont tell me how to turn it on in my control panel -- It is totally gone - I'm an addict (one drink and I'd never stop) so I made sure it was gone - where can I doenload it, Or can I take it from the installation disk? (I don't want to reinstall the whole windows)
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  1. Try the system restore : )
  2. I don't think it will work - I deleted it a long time ago (I've been sneaking games from my kid's computer but now I have to go away with my laptop) - I did a thorough job and it's been gone for so long - I do have the windows discs but I dont want to end up reinstalling windows - I only want Spider

    I'm afraid to try a different free download online - I dont know if they'll be the same level :bounce:
  3. OK, try this ...

    Click the Start button, click Control Panel, click Programs, and then under Programs and Features, click Turn Windows features on or off.

    Select the Games check box, and then click OK.
  4. I did that (actually, I only looked - Everything including Spider Solitaire is checked - I never uninstalled or unchecked,


    I really had to get it out of my life - no way to reinstall - I found every single occurence of spider on my hard drive and deleted it! - If you search for Spider anywhere on my hard drive you won't find anything - I HAD TO make it unrecoverable - I can "check away" but there's nothing there (I never even "unchecked" - I just deleted)

    I need to DOWNLOAD spider solitaire either online or from the disk


  5. is there no way to download window's spider solitaire?? can I somehow take it off the installation disc (without totally reinstalling the whole windows)?
  6. got it - I'm not sure how - I went to a computer that had it, copied and emailed it to me and pasted it on my desk top -- seemed so simple - I worked but had no memory (started me at the same game every time)

    so then I went to another computer and found the file deep in windows - copied to a memory stick took it to paste in the same place on my laptop and then I'm not sure if I pasted or if it was there...

    In other words, I can't really share this info with someone else cause I'm not positive what I did - but I'm OK!! :na:

  7. Sorry I can't click "best reply" since what I wrote (above) is what happened - Please close the thread

    Thanks :hello:
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