Is my monitor limiting my gaming experience

Okay so i got a decent gaming computer now. Ive spent so much on my computer. And i play bf3 on ultra but i feel the graphics are not all that good. I feel they are plain. And the color in the game sucks. Do you think an hd 32" inch tv would make the experience complete? By the way i have no sorts of lag at all, so thats not my problem. But I dont know if getting a better monitor or tv and hooking the computer up to it would be worth it. I currently play my games on a 115 dollar samsung syncmaster 953bw.
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  1. Well it depends what resolution you are playing on. What's the specs on your rig?
  2. Tell us your FULL specs first, with every detail, please... :)
  3. He is playing at 1440x900, its a 19 inch monitor, I would say that you would probably find that the HDTV will have worse colors even, monitors usually have better colors, but like the others said, we need specs to make sure it isnt a computer problem, but i would recommend getting a bigger monitor that is full hd if your on a desk, but if you will be sitting a distance away then go for the HDTV, just dont get a cheap/crappy one, or else it may have horrible colros or something else like that, in terms of desk monitors, i would recommend getting a 24" Asus led monitor, i have one and its very nice for gaming, especially with its preset gaming "mode" that changes the color and contrast setting of the monitor automatically when you hit the button, speaing of which, the setting of your monitor could also be making the game look crappy, or it could be the resolution, but once again, we need specs
  4. Yes a better monitor will increase visual gameplay dramatically. Its like looking at a beautiful world through a dirty fogged up window.

    PC Specs??????
  5. I would vote for Asus also I game on 3 Asus 27" led/lcd monitors and I can say they look great in all my games.
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