PC freezes often, really can't do much.

Hey guys.

I just replaced my motherboard, processor, and graphics card and my computer freezes like there is no tomorrow.
I did update the bios for the motherboard and only helped as a temporary solution for me to be able to install and download my drivers.

-Intel i5-2400 3.10gz lga1155 processor
-Asus sabertooth z77 motherboard
-Nvidia GTX 680 Superclocked G-card
-2x G.skill 2gb DDR3 1333 RAM
-2x Corsair 2gb DDR3 1333 RAM
-850w Corsair modular psu
-2x 1TB 7200rpm westerndigital HDD

I am really frustrated and would like some help please and thanks.

Also one thing about the graphics card. In some games it would be running at a high frame rate but for one second the game freezes and then goes back to normal. It happens about every 3 minutes or so.
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    i have that motherboard..make sure you start with the 0906 bios using the usb flashback. the 0906 bios puts on the mn the new cpu code. the 1012 bios is for ram and the 120x bios is for usb devices. one issue i see right off the bat is your using two ram kits. i would use cpu-z and read the speed the ram is running at and the ram timing. also use the cpu-z and look at the spd info. see if the ram voltage is the same on both kits. i would start with removing the two gskills and see if the lock up stop.
  2. Okay, so I started with the 1206 bios update when I first started off.
    So you're saying I should update the bios from 0906 then to 1015 and then 1206? It's all they have as I see on the support page.
  3. yes the 906 is for ib cpu code. the 1015 is for ram patches. the 1206 is for more ram patches and usb devices.
    also if your using a gpu and not the opboard video. turn off the onboard video..and set the video card as the first pci device. also turn off the mvp chipset and remove the mvp software. right now the newest mvp software does not work with the newest nvidia drivers. it cause some hangs and lock ups.
  4. Okay, I am starting the bios updating. Screen went randomly went red with the bottom half constantly flashing before doing the updates.
    Then I will try the cpu-z or turning off the onboard video.
    Some of these things are new to me, so how do I access the onboard video and the mvp chipset to turn them off?
    change the first one from auto to pci.
    then set the last one to disable if it enabled...i have mine enabled because im using the intel chipset to run one monitor.
  6. I really appreciate the help you have given me so far.
    So now I have cpu-z open and these are the specs in the memory tab
    -DRAM Frequency 668.7 mhz
    -FSB: Dram 1:5
    -CAS# Latency 8.0 clocks
    -RAS# to CAS# Delay 8 clocks
    -RAS# Precharge 8 clocks
    -Cycle time 24 clocks
    -Command rate 2T

    This is in the SPD tab
    Slot #1
    -JEDEC #2
    583 MHz
    -JEDEC #3
    -JEDEC #4
    -JEDEC #5

    Slot #2
    Same as applies to slot #1

    Slot #3
    -JEDEC #2
    -JEDEC #3
    -JEDEC #4

    Slot #4
    Same as applies to slot #3

    Also the corsair sticks are not corsair ._.
    They are Super Talent
  7. *Sigh* PC still froze even after setting the video to pci and updating the bios.
    Took out the g.skill sticks and did another run, the pc still froze.
    G.skill sticks are in and computer has been running for more than 30 minutes now.
  8. The computer has been running for an hour and 30 minutes now without any freeze ups with the super talent RAM sticks removed. Might have figured out the problem, but if anything comes up I will update and notify.
  9. you have two set of miss matched dimms the super dimms are 1066 or slower ram as the xmp for them is 1333. i would order another set of gskills and see if you can return the other set. or get credit for them.
  10. Thanks for the help. I had these sticks for a while, super talent were the oldest ones, non are new. I just ordered a new set of sticks last night so I can get my 8 gigs of ram back :D
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