Best $120-$150 CPU that won't bottleneck x2 GTX 560 Ti's in SLI

The title pretty much sums it up. I noticed that some 560 Ti's were on CRAZY fire sale ($93 after rebates on NCIX), and I decided I will pick one up for my build, and I will add a 2nd one very soon. I need a processor, though, and I heard that i3's and Athlons/Phenoms would heavily bottleneck 560 Ti's in 2-way SLI. I've been looking at the FX CPU's from AMD, and I'm just wondering what would be the best performing CPU at around $120-$150 that wouldn't bottleneck two MSI GTX 560 Ti's in SLI. I plan on OC'ing both the processor and the GPU, if that helps at all.

Here is the list of parts that I have come up with so far, I just need a processor and a corresponding mobo (no more than $100 on the mobo, plz) (P.S. : B4 you freak out at me for not having an SSD, chillax, I'm adding one in my system when I get the 2nd 560 Ti)


Any other details you need just ask.
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  1. I just upgraded from an 1045t @ 3.4Ghz to a 2600k @4Ghz. The system used 2 gtx 560's in SLI for both rigs.

    No discernible difference, in Crysis 2 or Deus Ex Human Revolution.

    So a phenom @3.4Ghz apparently didn't bottleneck my 2 560's.

    In your price range, I would go with an FX4300 for gaming or FX6300 for gaming and rendering/other highly-threaded applications.
  2. In that budget best processor is the Core i3-3225 3300Mhz.

    It won't hinder your GTX 560's in SLI.
  3. ^ Save $10 and pick up the Intel Core i3 3220 -

    i3 3225 is the exact CPU/Clock speed. The only difference is the Intel HD4000 graphics onboard instead of the Intel HD 2500. This won't effect gaming performance so I would rather save the cash :)

    On a side note, GTX560 Ti's in SLI would roughly be equivalent to a GTX580, maybe a bit more performance. With that said, a SB/IB i3 will NOT bottleneck a GTX670/680 severely. Knowing this information, this would be the most optimal CPU.
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