ASUS HD 6850 Heat questions

So i have dual-monitors, both using DVI ports. I'm wondering why my GPU temperature is usually so high.
Is it because of my dual-monitors?

Average 52 degrees idle (desktop, skype), and 72 degrees playing skyrim.

I have a ASUS version of it which is apparently "20% cooler". Also when i turn my fan to 100%, it goes down to 48 degrees but really loud. Is this normal or overheat? :P
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  1. Having two monitors shouldn't make the card overheat. What do you have for case fans , what size and how many? Do you have a fan in the side panel of the case that would blow onto the card? If you open the side of the case and position a fan to blow onto the card do the temps go down?
  2. sounds like you have a wacko card to me o.o
  3. It is probably just your case design, my card blows air onto the gpu and then the air gets trapped in my case until it slowly goes out so my card gets up to about 68 degrees, even though I have a card with dual fan cooling and very good heatsinks, but its mainly the axial fans to blame for that, but anyways, 72 degrees for your card should be fine, unless you start noticing performance issues which i dont think will happen because of the temperature, but if you WANT to have the card be cool, do what i do, I use my very nice headphones when i play games because they make game sounds AMAZING, and you cant hear much around you, so when i do that i set my fans to 100% they are loud and keeps it cool, but i cannot hear them while playing a game because of the headphones, i paid about $100 for my headphones
  4. give the name and model of your computer case
  5. Yup, a not so good computer case could make your card hot faster than it should be because lack of air circulation. Also, what about your ambiance room temp?
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