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Hi, i have a problem with my cpu fan. It was working normally for 3 years but now today, out of no where it starts running at 100%. I restarted and also fully shut down. I even turned off the psu and it still is stuck. The fan is 3 pin and its super load and annoying. Any help?
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  1. Most CPU fans nowadays are 4 pin, although most motherboards can run three-pin fans using their 4-pin headers.

    Check that your BIOS is using "voltage" control and not PWM control for the CPU fan.
  2. I went into the bios and i dont have that option. Im using a HP motherboard. This one
    and again, the fan was working fine this morning, it just randomly went to 100%
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    It's either the fan or the motherboard.

    Try plugging another fan into the header, or try plugging the suspect fan into a 3-pin header on another computer.
  4. It was the fan, I plugged it into another motherboard I have and it was still at 100%. Thanks for the help.
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