Whats best PSU brand?

got a budget build of 735$

this is the PSU i was going for but some ppl on the new built area say this brand sucks but on newegg the reviews say otherwise

i got a 400watt min GPU

a 65w CPU

for light/medium gaming
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    What GPU do you have? And NO RAIDMAX IS NOT GOOD REGARDLESS OF NEWEGG REVIEWS. My brother has gone through three of them due to his lack of taking my advice.

    I would HIGHLY advise picking up a Corsair CX430V2; from the sounds of it, it'll do more than enough for you.
  2. Corsair, Antec, Seasonic. First two don't actually manufacture their PSUs but use top quality suppliers like Seasonic and Delta.
  3. i have a GT 630 1gb

    and thanks for the advise
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  5. You're very welcome :) And yes, the Corsair CX430V2 I recommended will be more than enough for that card!
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