How to tell if a graphics card is good?

I am wondering what makes a graphics card good. Is it the stream processors or the memory? Can someone please explain the parts of a graphics card and throw out some number for one that could handle MW3, im looking for numbers, NOT reccomendations.
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  1. seeing as mw3 is a sh!tty game with equally sh!tty graphics, you don't need anything higher than a 6770... I don't know what you mean by "numbers, NOT recommendations" so whatever... hope this helps
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    We could be here all day trying to explain the GPU so I will give you the short verison.
    The streaming processors are what it sound like the more the marrier. Vram is a good thing and it all depends on this.

    If you want to run resolution at 1920 x 1200 and/or you are using more than one monitor then it would do you to have 2GB or more of Vram. All this ties into gether with the processors.

    Sorry for the short version but here is a link to all about the video card. I hope you find your info but the bigger the numbers usally means it is better and Good luck to you.
  3. 7870 will run mw3...7850/7770
  5. chumly said:

    What an answer, do the people who are trying to learn a favor and please, get out.
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  7. Even cheap old cards can handle MW2, which has similar performance to MW3.
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