Laptop Graphics in Desktop?

Hey Guys,

I have an old Alienware m15x laptop lying around with an 8800M GTX. Think I could cannibalize the graphics card to put into my HTPC? Do the PCI E connectors in laptops have the same form factors as desktops? Is there a cheap adaptor I could use?

Thanks for humoring me.
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  1. Nope. They use MXM. Not the same; I don't know about compatibility.
  2. most older laptops the video chipset was soilder onto the mb.
  3. Mine is not soldered for a fact, b/c I replaced the card myself a couple of years ago. So MXM is totally different from PCI E?
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    MXM is the mobile version of PCIE. However there is no way to convert one to the other...i've read of hardware hacks, but IMO far too much work involved.
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