Weird Intermittent Issues

Okay it worked. I first posted this as a reply, but now I see where to make my own post and this is my first time posting a question here!! I need a word guys before I proceed!!

This is my own strange PC issue: I need opinions from seasoned techs. Okay, I gotta used Thinkpad T43 originally running XP Pro, but is the owner has put 7 on it. Besides these issues the computer runs great and it's old! Even with a 1.5 gig RAM. Would you guys say it's the Pentium M? Well, now on to the big question! The issues are, the mouse cursor freezes and when you shake the computer (I don't violently lol) or move it around certain angels it comes right back. Every now and then but not often the computer freezes completely. Okay and the main issue, it could easily take turning on and off the computer literally 50 times for the display to show. It comes on and runs, but a black screen. I plugged in an external monitor to rule out graphics. It came on even when the screen was black, but then it started doing it again even plugged into the external display. When I found that issue, I figured it was connected to the freezing issue and ruled out software as well. To me it seems like it's the system board. Does anyone agree?

Thank You for Reading All This!!!
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    sorry to say but it is time for a new laptop since that can be due to anything from a loose cable, to memory, bad mobo
  2. Just as I thought. Too much trial and error with hardware. Thanx
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