I5 3770k?

I'm looking to buy an i7 3770k. just wandering, is the 3770k compatible with the Z77 Extreme4 mobo? ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157293 )

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  1. Both are LGA1155, so why not?
  2. Any Z77 motherboard out there will work with ANY LGA1155 CPU, just keep that in mind. Any Z68, H61, H67, P67 motherboard will also work with any LGA1155 CPU, however, these chipsets will require a BIOS update to work with Ivy Bridge CPU's.
  3. oh, sorry I didn't say i7 in the title btw. I'm buying this processor and a 7770 instead of the i5 3570k and the 670. will upgrade later, I wanted a fast processor that'd last me a while on the Z77 extreme4 mobo I have. thanks.
  4. ^ A 3570k will last you more than 2 or 3 generations of video cards without bottlenecking.

    The i7 also doesn't help at ALL in games, because no games support hyperthreading. So honestly? It's not worth the money, because for gaming, it's virtually exactly the same.
  5. ^ maybe one day games will support hyperthreading ? yah should stick with i5 anyways cause probably is games wont have some breakthrough soon :p
  6. I do a lot of video editing for school/youtube. thanks :D
  7. youtube - isp not processor
    is 2 seconds faster video editing justify 100$ price diff? a little patience would do as all some good xD

    edit: srsly ur choice not trying to influence you
  8. I really wanna get the i5 3570k, but I decided overall I'd have a more enjoyable experience with a faster processor. plus, I play minecraft a LOT and very heavily modded, oftentimes with 10-15 windows running/servers running at the same time, and mineraft is extremely cpu intensive, especially modded/tnt. which I do lots of, so overall, no, I will not NEED this power, but I want it so hard xD
  9. For me, the time saved using an i7 was enough to justify the price difference between the i5. And to be honest, I save more than 2 seconds editing/transcoding videos :lol:

    Since I have a mild 4.4Ghz OC on my i7, I'm seeing rendering times around 5-10 minutes faster than an i5 at the same clock speed (Tested with and without Hyperthreading on my chip for a pseudo-i5).

    For some of us, time = money. For others, they can wait and be happy with an i5 :)

    Don't get me wrong, though, the i5 is a great chip for almost any task you throw at it!
  10. I'm a HUGE multitasker, so I think the i7 would be great for me. I like to play bf3 with minecraft, facebook, youtube, 2 servers, and about a million files open at the same time, and sometimes do all that + being ctrl + esc'd out of another fullscreen fps/mmo game. so yeah. i7 is a must have, plus for me, time does in fact = money, thus the multitasking. My current laptop just poops everywhere if I do anything more than a light fps like combat arms and 1 window open at a time, really missing my old desktop
  11. I feel an i7+SSD would benefit you greatly for your tasks. You won't believe how much time it takes to alt+tab out of something on a normal HDD :lol:

    Though, enlighten me if you will. How CPU demanding is Minecraft? I've never been a fan and from the looks of it, it looks like a very light-weight type of game.
  12. OH TRUST ME. I KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKES. this laptop has a 250gb 5200RPM drive, (or something int he low 5k's) and it takes about a week and a half to load anything.
    I want a 256gb ssd instead of an HDD because I delete everything I don't intend to use/keep my drives really clean, so throughout all my years of computer usage (about ~10 years. I remember when like 500kb was like infinate memory <3 ) I've only stored about 70 gigs of stuff. :p but it's just a LITTTLLELEE too far from my budget
  13. :lol: Momentus XT is a nice option for those recently accessed files :) I use one in my laptop and my HTPC, they're actually pretty decent IMO. As a raw HDD, though, it just sucks. The SSD cache just makes it a little bit peppier.
  14. just realised i can atually afford a 256gb ssd :D so stoked. I can always buy 500gb of hdd space for like 60 bucks. ;D
  15. Thank goodness HDD prices are finally starting to settle down again :)
  16. Yeah. didn't they go up since that natural disaster in.. er... can't remember, where hdd's are mostly manufactured? SSD'S ARE FINALLY BELOW 1$ / gb
  17. Yes, the prices went up dramatically last October or so due to a flood in Thailand...Thank goodness for that, however, since I personally think that's what drove SSD prices even down further than what they were at :lol:
  18. Was in thailand, practically doubled HDD price for 4 months.
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