Good Gaming Graphics cards for 90-130$?

Looking for someone to help me find the best there is out there Gaming Card for 90-130$ Thanks!
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  1. Hear you go $129.99 after mail in rebate. The 6850's are good gaming cards for 1900x1080 resolution. Even with out the mail in rebate it's worth spending $10 more dollars to get one.
  2. gtx 460, Radeon HD 7770, Radeon HD 6850 if you catch one on sale.
  3. Before suggesting, why don't you tell us your FULL specs first... :)
  4. Processor : AMD Phenom 9850 Quad Core 2.5ghz
    4GB ram
    WIN 7
    PSU 300W but planning on changing that too to around 500W

    would this be acceptable? good gaming card or?
  6. hubict12 said:

    would this be acceptable? good gaming card or?

    what kinds of games do you want to be playing and do you care about settings for high quality or high fps?, dont go for the 550 ti, the 6850 is a WAY better deal at that price point, but, like i said it depends on what kinds of games you want, not to mention bottlenecking may occur because of your processor, also, note that its highly likely you will need a better psu no matter what, because first of all, its probably possible to get a 550 ti to run on a 300w psu, but i wouldnt recommend it as you could ruin a lot of stuff, but most 300w psu's dont have the pin connectors necessary for graphics cards for gaming, so you will need to get a new psu no matter what i would say, go for about 460W-500W range

    this is the cheapest 6850 i found with a rebate its $125:
    also comes with 2 free games
  7. thats a pci express 3.0 x 16 , my motherboard is an 2.0x16
  8. hubict12 said:
    thats a pci express 3.0 x 16 , my motherboard is an 2.0x16

    all cards are backwards compatible.
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