Which bran 7850 should I buy, please answer quick

I was going to buy the sapphire HD 7850 OC but newegg deactivated it and it cost 319 on amazon, should I get it or get a HIS or XFX or ASUS? I heard gigabyte makes way too much noise!
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  1. For radeons i would say go with HIS or XFX, are you planning on getting a stock model or are you going to get a custom board?
  2. For ATI go with Sapphire they are one of the biggest and the best. I have 4 generations of Sapphire Radeon HD cards all still running in different systems.
  3. I would recommend sapphire too, but he said they are not available, however if he can, he should get one.
  4. What about gigabyte versus XFX and HIS
  5. My Asus's cooler is quiet at stock speeds, Im happy with the card myself
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