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I've searched extensively and haven't been able to find a thread that matches my situation. I disabled (through device manager in Windows) my onboard graphics adapter in an effort to get my system to recognize a new pci card I was trying to install. Now I cannot get either adapter to work (new one or onboard). When I power up the PC the monitor won't even come out of sleep mode. I would have thought I could just boot from my Windows CD and then go in and renable it but the computer won't boot from the CD. I took out the battery and unplugged the computer for 15 minutes to reset the bios, thinking maybe the boot order had gotten changed but that did not help. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

I have confirmed that the monitor is plugged into the onboard adapter and I have removed the new card from the PCI slot.

Dell Vostro 200 Mini Desktop (not slimline)
Windows Vista
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  1. there is a bios setting to boot from onbord or pci video.most times it set to auto so that if you have a new pci video card the onboard port is turned off. you may also want to power the pc off and move the cmos jumper to clear the cmos. you should still at some point if your monitor is working or the pc is posting is to see the bios boot screen.
  2. I've cleared the CMOS both by unplugging the PC and pulling the battery for 15 minutes and shorting the jumper. The computer still won't boot from the Windows install CD and of course the monitor still will not respond. From the sound of the hard drive the computer seems to be booting normally but there is no video output.

    Just to clarify, I get no video at all. No "Dell" splash screen, no plain dos looking opportunity to enter BIOS. The monitor never wakes from sleep mode.
  3. there only two thing then...someone you killed the mb or your monitor stuck in sleep mode.if you can find a laptop or another monitor and see if the screen will come on or the pc is at fault. if it the pc look to see if you pulled any wire lose. or one of the dimms are not seated.
  4. So it turns out the monitor was stuck. I power cycled it and its back. BUT the image is all fragmented and filled with noise and the computer never moves beyond the boot screen. Obviously something got messed up. Any ideas?

  5. I reseated the DIMMS and its back at least running again. We'll see how it goes from here. Thanks very much for all your help.
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