First Build - Are i5-3570K temperatures too high?

Computer Specs:
NZXT Phantom 410
Antec EA-650 Green
Intel i5-3570K
Corsair Vengeance 16GB (4x4GB)
Western Digital 1TB 6Gb/s
Western Digital 320 SE GB (got from old store bought computer)

I have heard/read that the i5-3570K gets hotter than the i5-2500K but since this is my first ever build, I am still quite new to this so I am not sure if my cpu temperatures are unusually high or not.

I have done some prime95 testing for 5 minutes running at stock speeds (3.8 Ghz) selecting the “In-Place Large FFts” option and these are the temperatures shown in the screenshot below. Why are the core temps from HWMonitor and the cpu temp from ASUS AI Suite II so different? I have googled that cpu temp is an average of the core temps but the average of the core temps from HWMonitor comes no where close to the 64°C cpu temp from AI Suite II

After the test, I left it running at idle speeds/loads for around 3 minutes

Afterwards, I overclocked the turbo boost to 4 GHz from 3.8 Ghz and did another prime95 testing for 5 minutes selecting the “In-Place Large FFts” and the temperatures are as shown below

Again, I left it to cool down for around 3 minutes after the testing

After doing some more forum reading, I saw someone mention about the room temperature. A thermometer I found inside a refrigerator shows that the room temperature is 32°C (90°F) which I was shocked to find out my room temperature was this hot since it doesn’t feel that hot. But thermometers can’t be wrong, right?

Also, I am using the stock heatsink fan that came with the i5-3570K processor. Does the temperatures show that I may have installed the heatsink fan wrong? I also do not have a graphics card installed.

Edit: I have the fan settings at a fan curve via the fan xpert 2 program: 80% fan speed when 0-20°C, 90% fan speed when 40°C, and 100% fan speed when 50°C. The screenshot below is after I have restarted my computer so some of the voltage info are different.
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  1. your temps are normal
  2. The idle temperatures look a bit high to me and that may be what's pushing the load temperatures up. There are a lot of variables in this though, such as number of case fans, case airflow, ambient temperature, etc.

    For comparison, my i5-3570K on H80 is idling on 32C, so yours are already 8-10C higher than mine.
  3. If your using the CPU's graphics feature it may be possible that it will run hotter than if you used a separate graphics card, because it is working harder. If your rooms temp is 90f degrees, your using stock heatsink, and your using the cpu graphics, then these temps may be normal for your environment. I would suggest using an aftermarket heatsink fan such as the coolermaster hyper 212 plus (its about $30), then see if your temps decrease. If they go down than try adding a separate graphics card when your funds allow you to, that may decrease your temps even more. Or you could try adding more case fans as well as a cheaper option, but mainly you want to get a new heatsink fan if your room temperature is really at 90f degrees, so that's step one. Hope this helps, report back and let us know how everything is.

    P.S. Just as a reference my i5 3570k (NOT overclocked), my core(s) idle temps are usually between 31c and 38c depending on if me heat is on or not. Under 100% cpu usage via prime95 I get 60c which is the highest I've gotten. When playing games my range is between 44c and 50c. My ambient (room) temperature is usually 25c.
  4. these temps are fine, I have it(3570k) overclocked with a hyper 212+ and OC'd to 4.3 with prime95 i get around 80(more or less) and with intel burn test i get like 85+ these temps are fine, as long as you dont go above 90c you are completely fine(though if you are overclocking get a aftermarket heatsink... i have been looking at this
    expensive but sounds like it can keep as cool as water cooling(not high end of course but for 80 dollars i would say you can get as good temps as a h100 or a little better... for great temps you will need to get custome loop which i have designed myself one and it will cost me 330 dollars soooo if you are on a budget air is the best way to go)

    note: you have good temps actually for the stock fan so dont worry about that but if you want to overclock you need to get a better cooler
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