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I am installing a ep45-ds3r into a antec p182 case. The motherboard has MSG,PW,Speak,HD and RES connectors on the panel. I have the Power Switch, Reset Switch, HD I Led connected. The problem is that there is no MSG wire but there is a HD II LED wire and a Power Led wire(This is 3 pronged and wont fit)

Should I leave the MSG unconnected or should I use the HD II LED wire in place of the MSG wire?

Sorry,I am pretty new to this so excuse me if this question is stupid.
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  1. OK, I found where the 3 pronged Power Led goes (although the motherboard manual did not clearly state which side was positive) so that leaves a HD II Led wire and a MSG connector left. Any ideas?
  2. If there is no MSG wire to be connected then leave it empty and connect the other wires to thier marked pins.
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