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Multi sleeved cables

Hey i was wondering if there is any other company who makes something similar to the BitFenix alchemy cables?
I would have gotten BitFenix but from what i can tell its not available in my country.
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  1. NZXT makes cable extensions that are individually sleeved as well :)
  2. Was kinda hoping for blue ones( as my case is white), but i guess the NZXT black ones will have to do

    Thanks for the help mocchan
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    You're very welcome :)

    If you have a Corsair AX/HX/TX series PSU, Corsair has Individually Sleeved cables available as well. They're not extensions but rather entire cables for their Modular series of PSU's.
  4. Yea I know about corsair and I considered it but I got such an awesome deal on my Seasonic that I couldn't miss.
  5. I'm from israel
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  7. Solved, found someone going to the US who can get me the BitFenix ones.

    thanks for the advises guys.
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