Need help selling old pc

Hello need help setting a price for a old pc, can anyone help me?

it is a:

Q6600 2.4ghz con fan coolermaster V8
OCZ Reaper 4GB @1067mhz
Evga 750i FTW motherboard
WD Raptor 150gb @10,000Rpm
Segate 500gb @7,200Rpm
Evga Gtx295 video card
Case Coolermaster Staker
Creative X-FI Fatality
Antec 1000watts powersupply
Lite-On Dvd burner
Sound actived neon
4 blue fans
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    it looks like it was a nice system when it was new. I bet you paid a bunch for it too. unfortunately its 2 or 3 generations behind technologically. I would say maybe $500 tops. the only reusable parts are the case,PSU, DVD and the HDDs as secondary storage. the X-Fi card is cool, but on-board sound has come such a long way the sound cards are now for the Audiophiles only.

    $350 is probably what you will get out of it.
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  3. I dunno, I'd probably salvage the PSU, sound card, fans, lights, and maybe the case and offset the cost of a new build with those components. They're probably worth more in savings that way than you'd get for selling the machine.
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