My Intel Burn Test Results...

Hey guys, I installed my h80 the other day, its been good ( a bit loud though )

Anyways, put it through it's paces today and ran the Intel Burn Test,

Stress Level: High
Maximum Temps:
C1 - 57
C2 - 53
C3 - 55
C4 - 57

I am running it on a i7 3820 stock clocked.... Just wanted some feedback/advice if these are alright.

Much Appreciated! :)
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  1. Yeah those are solid numbers with that closed loop.
  2. Perfect temperatures :)
  3. Off-topic: Is Real Temp or AI Suite II more accurate in recording temps,

    On idle, Real temp is displaying 27, than will jump to 37 and than back within seconds.
    But AI Suite II is always around 26-30

    Thanks guys! Sorry for all the questions...
  4. No need to apologise, that's what we're here for, to help! :)

    I usually go with what I think is the most accurate temperature. At times, I keep two or three temperature monitoring programs open. Core Temp, Real Temp, AI Suite II, and HWMonitor. Though, I tend to stick with HWMonitor's readings due to using this program for ages+I feel it's the most accurate.

    Generally speaking, any software that tells you CPU temperatures will be off by a few degrees, none are 100% accurate. For the most accurate temperatures, you should go inside your BIOS :)
  5. I set my h80 to the 'quiet' setting (since i do not OC) , the temps are a bit higher, but its much quieter.
  6. That that is fine, you will do fine.
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