Issue with computer keeps crashing with 8gb of ram

Dear Toms hardware

I have 8gb of Corsair CMV4GX3M1A1333C9 ram with a 880gm le-fx motherboard. I have had this rig for about a month and then realised that it said i had 8gb virtual whilst have only 4gb physical. I checked in the bios and it recongnised both ram and there memory was each 4 gb but it said it was in single channel and therefore only running 4gb. I booted the computer on and off trying to make it recognise that there were two ram , after many attempts it finally di so but whenever it goes into 8 gb dual channel mode the computer crashes and restarts as if you had hit the restart but or sometimes it would freeze and i would have to turn it off. After freezing it would go back to single channel. I think there may be something wrong with my ram i just posted it in the general compenents section because i was wondering if it could be anything else.

Any help would be wanted very very much
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  1. It's better using a kit than two modules, even if they are the same model.
    And you should use manufacturers configurators for finding compatible kits (
    What happens if you manually lower the frequency for RAMs in BIOS to 1066?
  2. I will try that tomorrow and post thanks
    do you think it will be a compatibility issue
  3. It might be. The kits are tested and guaranteed as identical, whereas single modules are not. And this model is not listed by Corsair as compatible, although the specs say that it should work with the CPU and the board. I assume you've tested the RAMs individually and they work.
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