Pc keeps turning off

Help me fast. just brought new ram (4 gb) and i put it in and after i turn pc on it keeps turning itself off an on again. it worked fine yesterday. i have tryde to take the ram out again but still dosent work :(

i have 2 gtx 560 sli
core i5 2500k
energon 1000w
gigabyte ga-z68x-ud3p-b3

and 4 Gb ram
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  1. well, for a start, I have never heard of an 'energon' PSU before... Might be that. Other than that, if you can, run a memtest, take out one GPU and then the other, any OC on the CPU?
  2. well my psu worked fine yesterday. and my cpu isnt oc at the moment. i have tryed to take out the bios battery for 5 min and start again but didnt help. also tryed with 1 gpu but didnt help. but somethings is wrong. its takes it like 10 sek to turn off after it started and nothing comes up my screen. it use to take like 5 sek for my screen to start :(
  3. So, what is your RAM configuration right now?
    If you use more than 1 stick then try every stick independently, see which one gives you problem...
  4. Here is the memtest86+

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