Black screen after mounting an aftermarket cooler


How or what is the problem if i get black screen after mounting a new aftermarket cooler on my 6950.
I will apreciate any help and any explication
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  1. No real way to know for sure unless I see the card, but it's possible that the new cooler has shorted a connection somewhere on the card. Try re-mounting it and see if it fixxes
  2. Hmm, are you sure all power connector are connected to the card?
  3. Yea, becouse the coolers moves when i start the PC. But i get no beep like there was an error or something at the start. I can't enter in BIOS to check any solutions becouse the screen is all black.
    I have checkt even the power cabels (i tought that i did not supplay with necesary power but it is ok)
    I have tryed whit other Video card to see if the problem is from the Motherboard, same thing works!
  4. Do you have any plastic or paper washers to help insulate the mounting gear from the pcb? Some cards have very thin coating on the pcb so it is very easy to cause small shorting without any noticing that it is taking place.
  5. I have droped a little Thermal Paste on a connector and clean it out whit a tisue. I hope that did not Short Circuit it!. Do not know what to think any more!
  6. Ouch... Thermal paste itself is a conductor...
    Still on warranty? Better RMA it to get a replacement...
  7. Ok, Thank you all. i just lost a 6950 from Spphire :).

    Close Topic!.

    Thank you all!
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