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So this is probably a dumb question but I'm going to ask it anyways.

Black friday is coming up. Now should I wait to buy the Corsair 600T Silver or White (Haven't decided yet Any inputs on which color to go for) right now priced at 149.99-164.99 USD (Seen it at 149 on weekdays, price goes up on weekends). On

What computer parts are usually affected by black friday? If so say for the corsair 600t what kind of price drops could we expect.

So should I wait for black friday and risk buying the case from amazon that day. (I'll be mad if its soldout before I buy it >:(...) or buy it sooner

Also White or Silver?
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  1. I prefer white.

    Anyway, on Black Friday..I've seen Newegg have a massive sale on almost all components (including cases). You could wait until then, but you better stay up a little late so you can snatch a few deals ;) Waiting too long could mean you miss out on something :lol:
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