Quad SLI in a mid tower?

Hey Yall,

I currently have a gtx 295 in my tower and a gtx 295 sitting in the closet... I was looking to sell both to get something like a gtx 670 but it's not that easy selling these cards.... So i figured that I would buy the new psu that i need to run these power hogs instead and finally try the quad sli set up....

My question is, will I be having any problems with heat or will my current computer case suffice?

Current build:

Case: Antec Three Hundred

Graphics: GTX 295 (2)

Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper 212+

CPU: i5 2500k

RAM: 8gb G Skills ripjaw (1600)


HDDs: an SSD for OS, and 2 others for media and gaming

Currently not overclocked but i had it stable at 4.5 before
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  1. look i cant tell you for sure but as far as i know i i dont think so.....i think you will be should try and see...i hope i help
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    Honestly you will notice your entire build's temperature increase because of the amount of heat released by the GTX 295's, if you are determined to do the sli then might I recommend a PCI expansion slot fan, will help move away some of that hot air. You are planning to only sli 2 gtx 295's right? Your motherboard seems to have quite a good gap between both slots so I would urge you to get the PCI fan, sli/crossfiring tends to heat up the card on the top quite a lot.
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