How can I test my desktop wireless card?

Hello,I have a hp desktop with windows 7.I keep having a problem with my internet connection.I have a new router and is working fine with my laptops.My desktop is 6 months old.someone said it could be a faulty wireless card in the desktop.Is their some way I can test the wireless card before taking it back to the store?The store is an hour and a half away.and if its not the wireless card they will charge me a heavy fee.
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  1. To test you need to try it in another computer, put in a known good card in your computer and see if it connects then.

    You may want to actually post your issue, may be able to get a fix from here. Put in all the details, what brand/mode card, did it work before, what you tried already, etc... Getting the latest drivers from the vendor support site may help also if you just used the drivers on a disk in the box.
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