8350 Hot/Wrong Temp Readings

Is anyone else experience vast temperature fluctuations readings with the FX 8350? My reading are anywhere from 12-18 C idle and 56 c under load. I do have it by my window which lets in a cold draft but that wouldn't explain the cooler temps. I switched out my Noctua at the moment cause it wasn't making contact with my cpu and was getting really bad temps. Installed a Gelid Tranquillo in its stead for the time being. I have got similar readings with several different temp programs. Just feels like I might be burning up my computer with false readings.
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  1. Can you check the temps at the bios ?
  2. Yes, its running around 28-32 C.
  3. Ok so that's probably the idle temperature of your processor because 12-18C is indeed a low idle temperature. CPU's usually run at 30 idle and 60 load so assuming your cpu load temperature is correct you're good but if for some reason your pc is registering lower temperatures than they actually are than your processor might be getting up to 71C considering the difference between your low temp and bios temp and that would be a bit too hot, are you overclocking ?
  4. Have you tried hwmonitor? 12C would only make sense if you have your computer in a freezer.
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