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First of all I might be writing in the wrong section(cant find the right one).

What I want is to ask about power cables that power the VGA.
I recently got a VGA that is powered by two 6-pin cables(radeon 7870 oc). My UPS dont have two of those(as I can see, here is the one I got: got 2x4pin but I got one of those onto my motherboard(something like 12V_atx kinda slot,is it necessary?).

So my questions are can a VGA be powered lets say with the 6+2-pin cable?I read elsewhere that those 2pins might be the grounding and in my knowledge they dont provide power.
I also got this cable as en extention if it's needed but I also got a question about it. It is powered by two 4-pins do I need to plug them both or will they short-circuit?
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  1. I don't think you should use this PSU for this card, it says is 600w but might now be, never heard of this brand, also from having only 1 pci-e 6pin cable is a indicator it can't handle too much power, you should get a new PSU from a better brand.
    you could use that adapter but again not sure if your PSU will handle your system at full load, it could end up powering off while you're gaming.

    Here's a list of recommended PSU

    You got a nice video card, remember to not skip out on the PSU, that's also an important part of your pc.
  2. Okay, IMO, dump that PSU as soon as you can afford to. In the mean time, if you have 4 available molex connectors, there are adapters (like the one you linked - yes you need both plugged in just for one PCIe) that convert two molexes into one PCIe connector but I really feel you are putting your hardware at risk if you go that route - JonnyGuru is not very fond of your PSU - I tend to trust his opinion on PSU matters.
  3. thank you for the replies I will try to get a new PSU as soon as I can afford one. Does anyone have a good suggestion to make for a low budget price?around 50 euro if possible (+-10).

    Btw I did a mistake in first post where i wrote UPS instead of PSU.
  4. I would recommend this PSU -
    Corsair CX600 600W, good quality and has the proper plugs you will need.
    but if you want to safe proof your pc you could go with this one -
    Corsair TX750 750W
  5. Thank you I will go with the Corsair 600 one because of my low budget.
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