Best value card based on ebay prices ??

You can easily get the card you want for 10 or 20 pound less on ebay.

Recent ones I noticed but didn't win-

a gtx 285 for 70 pounds.

a radeon 4850 for 30 pounds.

a gtx 460 for 65 pounds.

Obviously not new, but going by ebay prices what is the best value card do you think ?

Also, a man sold TWO gtx 460s for sli for only 100 pounds, unbelievable ! look.

On ebay a gtx 460 will only go for 85 pounds maximum, some go for less.
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  1. 10 or 20 pound less than what? All those cards are discontinued models....

    So you want to buy a USED card from an unknown non-reputable vendor/person, to save 10-20 pounds?

    Good luck with that, let us know how the RMA policy works out for you.
  2. Used PC parts on eBay, no thank you. I prefer to buy from reputable dealer who will stand behind what they sell. Its not a "bargain" if it doesn't work when you get it, duh.
  3. are you joking ? you can get it from ebay shops and dealers who are reputable and do returns etc
  4. That's great, cause you'll probably need to return it. I don't buy used parts, your just asking for someone elses headache.
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