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FX-8350.. Does the thing come with a heatsinc?

ok I just bought the AMD fx-8350 from here

For the life of me, i'v got no idea if it comes with:
1. a heatsinc
2. Thermal paste (im assuming it probably comes pre applied if there is a heatsinc)

I'm sure you guys could tell me straight away, and usually i would assume a cpu would come with a heatsinc. It's just that I'v heard of some cpu's not coming with one because there "extreme" and its assumed your buying an aftermarket cooler.. well there right, i will be watercooling it, but just not yet...

So if anyone can confirm or deny, I shall thank you enternaly :)
and if it comes with anything else? ;) free stuff is always exciting :D

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  1. Hi, I don't use one, but: or look for similar FX-8350 unboxing videos.
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    Yes that CPU does come with a heatsink/fan and the thermal past is pr-applied to the heatsink.
  3. I am pretty sure EVERY CPU comes with a heatsink and if not can someone list one?
  4. I believe Intel's OEM processors come without any sort of heatsink. All the consumer parts come with a heatsink though.
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  6. Thanks guys.. Idk where i got the idea.. It just poped into my head and i started freaking out i would have to wait longer before starting the build lol
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