Getting rid of old AMD drivers for new GTX 680

I'm not really sure where to put this so I posted it here, hopefully this is the right place. Last year I built my own computer and now I wanted to switch from AMD to a GTX 680 video card. I went to driver sweeper and it says that it is no longer avaliable to download. So are there any other safe software programs that I can download to get rid of the AMD drivers and all fragments of them like driver sweeper, or will I have to re-install Windows 7?
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  1. It has been discontinued but you can still download the latest version here.
    Uninstall ATI/AMD driver reboot in safe mode run driver sweeper fotATI/AMD video drivers.
    Shut down. Install new card.
    Boot into windows and install drivers for new card.
    No need to reinstall windows.
  2. And is that safe to download. I mean is their website safe from trojons, viruses, malware and garbage like that?
  3. If you're paranoid about it I suppose you could always just do a clean install of Windows, but Majorgeeks is a reputable host site.
  4. paranoid yes. Some sites are safer than others to download from and what I wanted to know is if this is a site that's safe to download from. It sounds like it is.
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