Keyboard and mouse 'flicker'?

I have a USB keyboard and mouse for my desktop. A couple of months ago I started to have a problem with both my mouse and keyboard. It seems as if they were not getting consistent power and they used to 'flicker' (the numpad indicator and the mouse base light used to go on and off accompanied with the alarm sound from the computer). Just when i thought i should get it repaired, the problem went away. Now it is happening again but only for the keyboard. Is there a problem with the USB connection? Or is it because i have not cleaned the inside of the CPU for some time? Or is there a problem with my keyboard/mouse because when i used a usb drive to copy my work so that i could work without any problem on my laptop, there were no problems. Or is it a software problem? Should i change my keyboard or should i get my CPU checked?

I asked this on Yahoo Answers initially and one helpful guy gave me links to a couple of videos regarding problems with USB devices. However the thing is that my system is recognizing the USB devices...they are not working constantly.
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  1. Hey bud!

    Well if you have not cleaned the insides of your computer lately, it is always a good thing to clean it out once and a while!

    1. Have you tested a different keyboard/mouse with your desktop? If you did, did they work?

    2. Are both the keyboard/mouse attached directly to the desktop or a hub? If a hub, try directly to the desktop. If directly to the desktop, try different ports.

    3. Did you try to use the keyboard/mouse on a different computer?

    4. Do the keyboard/mouse require any drivers?

    The 4 points above are some suggestions that you can use to narrow down the problem. Reply back with an progress you make!
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