Asus GTX 550 Ti

The graphics power cord supplied with the EVGA 550Ti card is two 3 molex males pig-tailed down to the 6 pin that connects into the back of the card..
So my questions is.. Once I plug the 6 pin end into the back of my EVGA card do I have to supply power to both 3 pin molex ends or just one? I also have two connector sockets on graphics board
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  1. Well if your PSU has a pci-e power connector then connect it to your video card. If not then those molex adapters are to be used as a pci-e power connector. Yes, you do have to plug both in so the resistance is less thus offering more stability.
  2. One or the other has to connected to a molex from your PSU. They should be one female and one male. Just find one that is coming from the PSU and hook it to that. That simple and good luck to you.
  3. What's the model of your PSU?
  4. if you have a pci-e connector on your psu, use it instead of this 2 molex to 6 pins
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