3570k and single gpu or 5800k and crossfire

so i have finally decided all the things i want except the cpu.....should i get a 3570k or amd a10 5800k???
90% gaming 10% wath a movie or something..i'm a student.....oh my gpu will be a 2gb 7870....1920x1080.....regular or high settings......games:baf3 mod4 all of them and black ops2 dishonored borderlands2.....i like singleplayer but i love multi on cod4 (all)...really need help...many thanks in advance
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  1. It's a pointless comparison the answer is obviously the i5. You are comparing a budget APU to a high end CPU. It's like saying "Here choose between this old donkey or this arabian stallion"

    So get the i5 if you can afford it.
  2. Neither, if you are on a budget, get an FX 6300 with a 970 chipset mobo 8GB 1866 RAM for the price of JUST the i5 and throw in a 7850/70 or better, depending on your budget.

    If you already have that 7870, all's fine.
  3. ^ He's right. Plus APU crossfired with discrete gpu doesn't work that well and you'll be getting image stutter.
  4. how about


    mobo ASUS M5A78L-M

    8GB 1866 RAM


    what do you think????
  5. Fx 6300 will have trouble playing bf3 even i5 at stock clocks have a little trouble playing bf3 with high end gpus. I even benefit from an overclock. It helps my minimum fps most.
  6. many thanks
  7. Get a 970 chipset mobo, like I said, not that Asus one with a crappy chipset ...

    Something like an ASRock 970 Extreme3.

    Of course the i5 is better, it's twice as expansive ... but it's just 10-20% at the very most and only in games. Overclock the 6300 to 4-4.5 Ghz and you're fine.
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